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Superlux DRKK5C2 Dynamic Microphone

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DRKK5C2 includes 7 professional microphones for drum set recording: 1 for kick drum, 3 for toms, 1 for snare, and 2 for overheads. Great for other instruments too.
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Superlux DRKK5C2 Dynamic Microphone. For picking up a drum set, the DRKK5C2 integrated 7 professional microphones. These mics consist of two E102 for overheads, three Tom-toms, one Snare, and one PRA218B for the kick drum. These top-notch microphones can be used for a variety of instruments, including wind and stringed ones.


• Hi SPL capability
• Tailored low frequency response
• Specially designed for kick drum


• High sound pressure level
• Wide dynamic range
• Low distortion
• High gain before feedback
• With elevation in the mid-high range


• Unique mid high band response for reach sound
• Clean, bright and crisp penetrated sound characteristic
• For high SPL, large dynamic and low distortion
• Suitable for winds and electric guitar


• Unique mid bass response for strong and realistic drum sound
• Wide dynamic range, low distortion