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Why Us


When we opened in 2008, our Mission is to build a Better Commercial World by carrying the good equipment; offer liberal and straightforward policies; be big enough to provide extensive services and competitive prices. 

Since 2008, audio and video technologies have made great strides, our industry has been transformed, and we have championed these advances. Through it all, however, the human factor has remained constant. Our customers have not become “digitized” and neither has our way of doing business. If you are purchasing a cost-no-object whole-house audio/video system, we continue to follow our guiding principles. 

Vbizz is a full service of Audio and Visual, from Designing, Supplying, Installing, Testing and Commissioning. We will never miss one step! If you require Professional Audio and Visual Equipment, our in-house Consultant can meet your needs. We supply audio gears of all shapes and sizes from connectors, cables, and tools all the way up to full sound systems and mix consoles. Please see our lists of Manufacturers, PA System categories and Visual System categories and LED Screen Display. 

We are a company certified by Ministry of Finance Malaysia (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) from Design, Supply and Install for Audio Visual Equipment.