TOA F2000BT Wide Dispersion Speaker

TOA F-2000BT

F-2000 Series Speaker are compact two-way speaker systems designed for high efficiency wide range and high power input handling capability

RM1,057.00 RM1,112.00

Enclosure Bass-reflex type
Rated Input 60 W (high impedance)
Power Handling Capacity Continuos pink noise: 60 W (low impedance)
Continuos program: 180 W (low impedance)
Rated Impedance 8 Ω
100 V line: 170 Ω (60 W), 330 Ω (30 W), 670 Ω (15 W), 3.3 kΩ (3 W)
70 V line: 83 Ω (60 W), 170 Ω (30 W), 330 Ω (15 W), 670 Ω (7.5 W), 3.3 kΩ (1.5 W)
Sensitivity 92 dB (1 W, 1 m) at installation in 1/2 free sound field
93 dB (1 W, 1 m) at installation in 1/2 free sound field (with horn adapter)
Frequency Response 65 Hz - 20 kHz, -10 dB at installation in 1/2 free sound field
Crossover Frequency 2.5 kHz
Directivity Angle Horizontal: 110゜, Vertical: 100゜
Horizontal: 80゜, Vertical: 80゜ (with horn adapter)
Speaker Component Low frequency: 20 cm (8") cone-type
High frequency: 25 mm (1") dome tweeter
Input Terminal Push-in terminal
Finish Enclosure: HIPS, black
Punched net: Surface-treated steel plate, black, paint
Joint bracket, wall bracket: Steel plate, t2.0, black, paint
Speaker bracket: Die-cast aluminum, black, paint
Dimensions 244 (W) × 373 (H) × 235 (D) mm (9.61" × 14.69" × 9.25")
Weight 7.4 kg (16.31 lb) (including the supplied brackets)
Accessory Speaker bracket…1, Joint bracket…1, Wall bracket…1,
Bracket fixing screw…1 set, Horn adapter…1, Horn adapter mounting screw…4
Option Ceiling mount bracket: HY-CM20B (used for the horizontal speaker mounting),
Cluster bracket: HY-CL20B, Speaker stand: ST-16A

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