TOA ER1000 Personal Public Address System

TOA ER-1000

TOA ER1000 head-worn microphone light weight waistband amp design

RM1,214.00 RM1,277.00

 - Idea for school teachers,sport instructors,tour guides,trade show personal,and police officers,all of whom can benefit from the system hands free convenience.
- Ultra-light body of only about 480g,yet with a maximum output of 10w anda maximum audible range of 80 mtr
-Supplied headset microphone
-80cm long elastic waist belt extendable to up to 120cm
-A 30cm extension belt is included
-Large rotating volumn control and the independent power on/off switch for easy knob and switch operation even with a gloved hand
-AUX input terminal
-8 hours operation with 6 alkaline AA batteries

(*1) 0 dB = 1 V
Power SourceAlkaline battery (LR6): 6 pieces (9 V DC) or 4 pieces(*2) (6 V DC)
Rechargeable nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery (HR15/51): 6 pieces (7.2 V DC) or
4 pieces(*2) (4.8 V DC)
Black manganese battery (R6PU): 6 pieces (9 V DC) or 4 pieces(*2) (6 V DC)
Output6 W (rated) and 10 W (max) when 6 AA batteries (9 V DC) are used.
3 W (rated) and 4 W (max) when 4 AA batteries(*2) (6 V DC) are used.
Battery LifeVoice operation(*3): Approx. 8 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) alkaline batteries are used)
AUX stereo input operation (music reproduction)(*4):
Approx. 4.5 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) alkaline batteries are used)
Approx. 5.5 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) Ni-MH batteries are used)
Approx. 3 hours (when 6 or 4(*2) black manganese batteries are used)
Audible Range(*5)Voice operation: Approx. 80 m (87.49 yd) (when 6 alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries
are used)
Approx. 40 m (43.74 yd) (when 4(*2) alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries are used)
Note: The audible range when black manganese batteries are used is approximately
80 % of each of the above mentioned distances.
Frequency Response300 Hz - 14 kHz (deviation: -26 dB)
Headset MicrophoneEar-on type, electret condenser microphone,
sensitivity: -47 dB (0 dB =1 V/1 Pa, 1 kHz)
InputMIC: -30 dB(*1), 3 kΩ, φ3.5 (0.14") monaural mini-jack, phantom power supply
AUX(*6): -10 dB(*1), 2 kΩ,
φ3.5 (0.14") stereo mini-jack (supporting monaural applications(*7))
Belt Length55 - 120(*8) cm (1.80 - 3.94(*8) ft)
90 - 160(*9) cm (2.95 - 5.25(*9) ft) (when wearing a extension belt (accessory))
Operating Temperature0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (32 ゜F to 104 ゜F)
FinishFront case: ABS resin, light grayish purple
Rear case: ABS resin, dark grayish purple
Grille: Surface-treated steel plate, dark grayish purple, paint
Belt: Elastic rubber, black
Dimensions133 (W) × 96 (H) × 222 (D) mm (5.24" × 3.78" × 8.74") (belt excluded)
WeightMain PA unit (belt included, batteries excluded): 480 g (1.06 lb)
Headset microphone: 50 g (0.11 lb)
Extension belt: 40 g (1.41 oz)
AccessoryHeadset microphone (with headband and wind screen) …1,
Belt (attached to the main PA unit) …1, Extension belt …1, Battery spacer 

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