TOA CA160 Mobile PA Mixer Amplifier


TOA CA-160 (120W Max.) Car Amplifier

RM689.00 RM725.00

TOA CA160 Mobile PA Mixer Amplifier

The CA-160 is a 1-DIN size unit 60 W car amplifier designed for use with a 12 V car battery. 120W MAX

Power SourceStandard voltage: 14 V DC
Usable voltage: 10 - 16 V DC (12 V battery used)
Power Consumption9 A or less at rated output
Rated Output60 W
Output Impedance4 Ω (BRN), 8 Ω (ORG), Common (WHT)
Changeable by changing lead wire connections
DistortionLess than 5% (at 1,000 Hz rated output)
Frequency Response100 - 10,000 Hz
InputMic1, 2: 600 Ω, 4 mV, phone jack
Aux : 10 kΩ, 500 mV, phone jack
FinishFront panel: ABS resin, black
Case : Zinc plated steel sheet
Dimensions178 (W) × 50 (H) × 170 (D) mm (Mounting device excluded)
Weight1.2 kg
AccessoryMicrophone holder …… 1, Mounting bracket …… 1, Mounting screw …… 1set,
Fuse (12 A) …… 1, Connection cord …… 1set
Accessory MicrophoneUnidirectional dynamic type with talk switch
Impedance: 600 Ω
Sensitivity : -53 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB = 1 V/Pa)

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