Allen & Heath ZED-2402/X 16 Channels Mixer with USB

Allen & Heath ZED-2402/X

Allen & Heath's ZED-24 kicks serious tail when it comes to live-sound performance and recording options. From the preamps to the input options to the great-sounding (and very musical) EQ, this mixer has what you need to make what's onstage translate through the speakers. Need stereo inputs? You got 'em. Want a primo monitor mixer? Right here. This puppy makes your FOH setup shine, too. Yep, that's right - it's built right in! Use it to document live performances or take advantage of its foldback capability to grab two bonus channels of input. See? You can have uncompromising quality in a reasonably compact footprint.

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  • Multipurpose mixer with USB for live sound, recording and production
  • 4 aux sends (2 pre-, 2 post-fade)
  • 16 mono mic/line inputs
  • 4 stereo line inputs
  • DuoPre mic preamplifiers
  • Insert points