Midas VF-32 Live 24+4Mic/4Str/4Sub/4Aux DIGI-LOG Mixing Console with Firewire Interface


The MIDAS VeniceF32 32-channel Mixer gives you the warmth and user-friendliness of analog, along with the flexibility of Firewire.

RM11,530.00 RM14,500.00
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- Overload-resistant MIDAS mic preamp
- FireWire interface gives you a 32x32 digital audio snake to your computer
- XL3 EQ - four-band swept EQ with two parametric mids
- Input polarity switch
- Insert in/out switch with LED
- Direct out with pre/post EQ switch
- Discrete mono bus
- Individual routing to stereo, mono, and groups, with pan-to-groups enable switch
- 7 x 2 Matrix, 4 audio subgroups, 100mm faders