Klark Teknik SQ-1D 8 Channel Dynamics Processor, Selectable RMS, PEAK Sensing,Stereo and Multi - Channel Operation

Klark Teknik SQ-1D

The unit is constructed to the same standards as the rest of the Klark Teknik range, while answering to more budget-sensitive applications.


- Eight-channel, multi-mode compressor and gate, selectable per channel
- With both mode switches inactive the compressor behaves in the default Soft Knee and RMS mode. This gives the slowest (and most subtle) feel to the compressor envelopes
- When Hard Knee and Vintage are activated the compressor operates with more precise envelope control and a defined transition between under and over threshold. This mode uses faster peak sensing (not RMS) like many older compressor designs with exponential attack and release
- Functions as a broadband frequency-conscious compressor when the FILTER switch is activated in wide mode, allowing the user to sweep to a desired frequency and apply frequency-dependant compression
- When the FILTER switch is activated in narrow mode, the compressor functions as a Hi-Q frequency-conscious compressor, especially useful for de-essing vocals
- Can also function as a limiter or expander
- Gate with adjustable Threshold, Attack, Hold and Release times to suit various program requirements
- Sidechain FILTER allows the gate to be tuned to open at selected frequency in both wide or narrow modes
i-TS (intelligent threshold shift) in conjunction with the hold function, helps reduce gate chattering
- Channels can be linked (in all modes) for stereo, or multi-channel operation. When any number of channels are linked, the linked channels all adopt the mode of the left-hand channel of the linked group
- A dedicated Solo Output can monitor the sidechain filter during a performance
- Each channel features a six-segment, three-colour input meter, and a ten-segment attenuation depth meter