Emix EMWS218W 40W Wall Mount Box Speaker (White)

Emix EMWS-218W (White)

2x3.5" + 1.5" wall mount box speaker (40W/20W/10W/5W/OFF/4ohm)


The Emix EMWS-218B is a very versatile 2-way 3-driver modular speaker that delivers outstanding audio quality and performance, flexible installation, and aesthetic value at the same time. Its curved and modular ID-friendly design enables it to be used by itself, or, as a cluster of 2, 3 or 4 speakers. The individual cabinets itself are designed to fit both vertically and horizontally at wall-to-wall or ceiling-to-wall inner corners. It is available in black or white to fit well into most interior design concepts.

The EMWS-218 has various commercial application possibilities. It can be used in public address systems and also low impedance distributed sound reinforcement systems. The EMWS-218B is suitable for F&B outlets, retail outlets, lounges, lobbies, conference rooms, community centers and any common spaces for paging and background music purposes that require high quality audio output and SPL.

* Wall mount bracket with cap, screws and trim cover
* Simple power setting with varies tap switch for 100V Line and 4 output.
* Unique contemporary, curved design with versatile mounting configurations
* Wall surface mounting, wall corner mounting and wall ceiling mounting configurations. Half round wall mounting, ¾ round external corner mounting, 4-speaker 360 array using custom made bracket

* Low Frequency Speaker: 3.5" Dual Woofer
* High Frequency Speaker: 1.5" Single Tweeter
* Maximum Power: 80W
* Tapping Wattages: 40W - 20W - 10W - 5W - OFF - 4
* Norminal Sensitivity: 88dB
* Maximum SPL: 104dB @ 1m3
* Coverage Angle: 120 x 90

* Material: ABS
* Termination: Banana Jack
* Colour: Black or White
* Net Weight: 4kg