Behringer CX-2310 Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Electronic Crossover

Behringer CX-2310

The CX2310 SUPER-X PRO from Behringer is an active frequency crossover enabling two-way stereo or three-way mono operation.

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- Professional high-precision stereo 2-way or mono 3-way crossover
- 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filters
- Flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference
- Separate sub woofer section with independent frequency control
- Individual output level controls for all bands
- Individual output mutes for easy band adjustment and individual phase reverse switches for instant phase correction
- Switchable 25Hz subsonic filter on each input for low-frequency driver protection
- Adjustable time delay for phase alignment between drivers
- Illuminated switches for secure operation in dark stage environments
- Shielded toroidal mains transformer for minimal noise interference