BMB Karaoke Package CSV 10

BMB Karaoke Package CSV 10


Package included:
- 1 unit DAR-800 - BMB Karaoke Amplifier - 300W x 2 Channels (8 ohm) or 150W x 4 Channel (8 ohm)
- 2 units CSV-450 - BMB Karaoke Speaker – 2-Way 3 Speakers (10-inch) 250W Rated Input Power
- 2 units NKN-300 - BMB Karaoke Wired Microphone

Karaoke Amplifier
- high efficient and reliable digital technique 
- blue LED display board 
- voice conversion function 
- 11kinds of sound effect including ECHO,REVERB 
- effectively reduce howling 
- 2 systems,rear and front spearker volume adjusting function 
- 13 procedures sandhi degrees plus or minus 3.0 audio functions

3 configurations
BMB Digital Amplifier has three configuration, SYSTEM1:150Wx2channels, SYSTEM1+2:150Wx4channels, BTL:360Wx2channels, switch settings in the back.

11kinds of sound effect
BMB Digital Amplifier carries more than 11kinds of sound effect including standard ECHO, BALLAD, FLANGER, ENKA, ROCK, RADIO VOICE, PANNING, DISTORTION, REVERB, MIX, DUET etx.

howling control function
As one of the functions to protect speaker, BMB Amplifier carries the function that can effectively inhibit howling and protect speakers, and enhance smooth feeling when consumers enjoy singing.

13 procedures sandhi degrees plus or minus 3.0 audio functions
BMB amplifier has 13 procedures sandhi degrees plus or minus 3.0 audio function. It increases the change range of modified treble and bass.

voice conversion function
BMB Digital Amplifier with voice conversion function, changes in male and female voices to one another, greatly enhanced karaoke recreationality.

blue LED display board
BMB Digital Amplifier using a blue LED display board. It becomes much easier to use and looks more beautiful.

Karaoke Speaker
The "sound" for you, throughout the heart The unique design of the horn-oriented PA Original adjustable switch of howling control Excellent quality, respectable appearance. 

1. Multi-cellar horns are adopted for the two tweeters and are also set up via angling to localize an even wider range of clear sound imaging and give realistic sound quality.
2. We adopted a newly developed woofer to implement the industry's leading high permissible power input with a rated input of 250W and a maximum input of 500W.
3. This product is fully equipped with a tone switch,allowing tone and acoustic feedback to be controlled depending on the environment of the room, as well as an automatic reset tweeter protector.

Karaoke Wired Microphone
This wired microphone is high cost effective and easily provides high-quality sound.It has a solid and robust shell width wind-proof and blowout-preventer.The microphone is made of imported core,resulting in a greatly reduce of the feedback effect.With its good cost effective and elaborative making,the microphone is of the top choice to many recreational places,like KTV.

1. Soft and clear voice is reproduced by good cycling feature,which also applies to professional singers.
2. Design of Unidirectional dynamics minimizes the howling problem.
3. Soft and clear voice is reproduced by adopting AL magnet.
4. Transformer matchs in excellent sound absorbency and brightness.
5. The microphone is coated with golden material to prolong its service life.

BMB DAR-800 Karaoke Amplifier:
- Max Input Power: 150W × 4CH (8ohms, EIAJ); BTL: 360W × 2CH (8ohms, EIAJ)
- Main pitch degree: 13degrees ± 3.0 DSP
- Audio Input: 5 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, AUX, BGM, TAPE)
- Video Input: 3 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, CAMERA)
- Mic Input: 5 systems: front 3, rear 2
- Sound change: ON / OFF (TACT-SW)
- Sound effects: 11 mode
- Feedback reduce: ON / OFF (TACT-SW)
- Dimensions(mm): 420 (L)× 142 (W) × 396 (H)
- Weight: 17.1 kg

BMB CSV-450 Karaoke Speaker:
- Type: Bass Refiex Type
- System: 2 Ways 3 Speakers
- Woofer Unit: 25cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
- Squawker Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
- Tweeter Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
- Max Input Power: 500W
- Rating Input Power: 250W
- Dimensions(mm): 558(L)*292(W)*297(H)
- Weight: 11.5 kg per pc
- Impedance: 8 ohms

BMB NKN-300 Karaoke Wired Microphone:
- Type: Unidirectional dynamics
- Frequency Range: 50Hz-16,000Hz
- Sensitivity: -74dB±3dB (0dB=1v/0.1Pa at 1kHz)
- Sound Pressure Level: Above 130dB (SPL)
- Output Connector: Integral 3pin XLRM type
- Outward Packing: Sealed nickel coated packing
- Dimensions(mm): 56mm×170mm×23.5mm
- Weight: 390g
- Impedance: 600 ohms (at 1kHz)