Behringer CMDLC1 Midi Module with 4x8 Button Grid

Behringer CMD-LC1

Take control of Ableton Live or any other MIDI-based software with the CMD LC-1.

BEHRINGER COMMAND Series DJ Controllers are a modular system of controllers that can be put together to suit your software needs. Each module is packed with professional features “ from high quality faders to extensive MIDI feedback, plus those features are organized into logical groups. This gives you a clear idea of what each module is for and how it can be used, without needing to read a manual first. And all CMD controllers are class-compliant, meaning that no additional drivers are required “ just connect and go.

CMD LC-1 Live Control Module
Ableton Live is amazing and powerful software, adding new DJ converts on a daily basis. While the benefits of Live for DJ use are clear, compelling hardware control can be a challenge. As a DJ, do you move away from the workflow you™ve been using for years and feel comfortable with? Or do you map Live to a traditional controller, but miss out on the number of buttons needed to trigger clips effectively? The CMD LC-1 provides a wonderful solution.

The LC-1 is a clip-triggering machine. The clip section has 32 buttons that are backlit in multiple colors and respond to MIDI feedback. But Live isn™t just about clips; it' also about effects. So there' an effects control section above the clip area, with 8 encoders and 8 buttons. Below the clip area there are also buttons for channel mute, solo and record.

On its own, the LC-1 makes a great controller for clip management, as well as a great addition to any Serato ScratchLive user' Bridge-based setup. And remember that at its heart, the LC-1 is an array of assignable buttons and knobs. So, why not use it to access cue points in Virtual DJ, Traktor, or with a step sequencer? The LC-1 can handle all this and more with ease.

Clip-based controller for use with Ableton Live or other production software
Deckadance DJ software from Image Line included
Compatible with popular production software
32 trigger buttons with 4-color LED backlighting
8 rotary encoders with LED feedback
USB bus-powered
Class-compliant MIDI protocol enables plug-and-play with any MIDI software
Designed to lock together with other BEHRINGER CMD controllers for full expandability
Slim tabletop design for ultimate portability
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life